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I have been very lucky to have a local printer, Wittenburg Printing here in Sealy, Texas----a family-owned business (Mom and Daughter) whom I have used as my printer in my long-time business also based here. We both started about the same time over 35 years ago. Patricia (the daughter) and all her current employees, especially Tina, have put up with my eager, earnest, but mostly ignorant endeavor, to “write a book!” Their input and craft are what has made these presentable!

My books are thick, sometimes boring, for my desire to tell a story of creation. A story of growing up young, eager, and ignorant, and for this reason, coming in 2024 there will be five smaller versions of these three books based more per theme:

  • Family Pets and Friends
  • Love Notes Only
  • Preacher Man and Grandson
  • Quotes and Shorter Ones
  • The Better Ones ?

The hope is maybe they will be more readable.

In the last couple of years, I have taken the time to read many of the old poets, and very, very few ever made much of a living at this profession. Even Shakespeare’s works were supposedly saved by his friends. I read somewhere that Shakespeare did own the biggest house in his home town but the truth----he was an early version of a “Hollywood movie mogul.” He turned his work to stage productions and did it all, from acting, to writing, and producing. He was a good businessman of his time. Current poets who make money need to also know music and a couple years of “trombone” do not qualify!

The bottom line is this----my books are not mass-produced and are not put together as most current poetry volumes and I refuse to release my work to some big dominant “billionaire business bent on world domination of media.” My books will be available at my current cost plus shipping. The current production cost is $32.00 for Volume I (Looking for Love) and Volume II (Soul Mate). My Volume III (Trevor Travels) is $40.00.

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